Directions to Lakeshore Retreat:

Millersylvania State Park  is located approximately 10 miles south of Olympia, WA on the shores of Deep Lake. Our retreat will be held at the park’s Environmental Learning Center. The facility consists of a dining hall/kitchen, two restrooms with showers, 16 cabins for sleeping, numerous trails for exploring, fishing, boating and non-lifeguard swimming boating and non-lifeguard swimming (Get Directions). 

For more information about the Millersylvania Environmental Learning Center, where Lakeshore Retreat takes place, please check out the Washington State Parks website here.

Please disregard the "Day Pass Required" sign at the toll booth. It is not required for the Environmental Learning Center where the Retreat is held.

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  • The cabins are well maintained and clean
  • Each cabin sleeps 8 people - Four two-person bunk beds per cabin
  • Each sleeping space includes a mattress, provided by the Park 
  • You will have cabin mates, although the amount can vary depending on how many people show up for the retreat
    • You can indicate who you would like to share a cabin with when when filling out the registration form
  • Each cabin features heating, but no cooling
  • Each cabin is electrified, but the amount of plugins can vary per cabin. (Pro Tip: Bring a power strip if you have a lot of devices to plug in). There are no appliances or refrigerators in the cabins.
  • With the exception of the accessible cabin, the cabins do not feature toilets or running water
  • Accessible cabins are available, please be sure to indicate that need when completing registration for the Retreat
    • Space is limited for accessible cabins, but we do try to accommodate every guest's needs
  • Most cabins are within easy walking distance of the restrooms and main meeting areas
    • Please be sure to indicate any special considerations with regards to cabin location when registering for the Retreat
  • Cellphone signals can vary from non-existent to great depending on where you are standing in the park and there is no guest wifi


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  • Per park regulations, no pets are allowed at the Retreat
  • Honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness
  • Bedding: pillow, sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, etc. There is usually no spare bedding to lend to guests who forget their own
  • Towels
  • Personal items: toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.
  • Flashlight
  • Rain gear (just in case)
  • Walking shoes. Bicycles, if you want. Swimming gear if you're brave
  • Books, games, etc.
  • Personal medications (Please let us know if any medications require refrigeration)
    • Allergy medicine!
    • Sunblock and bug repellent (Mosquitoes aren't usually an issue.)
  • Between-meal snacks (Pop and bottled water will be available for purchase)
  • Cell phone charger. The cabins are electrified, but plug-ins are limited


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The cost of the Retreat includes the rental of an shared 8-person cabin with single bunks.


  • Workshops and speaker meetings
  • Access to the park's facilities (bathrooms, showers, etc.)
  • Access to Deep Lake, within easy walking distance of cabins and the main facilities
  • Other events, which vary from year to year
  • Included meals and beverages:
    • If you sign up for the optional pre-retreat, a pizza dinner is included. All other food and snacks are your responsibility for that Thursday
    • Note: 
      • Light snacks are sometimes available throughout the day
      • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. are typically available from the early morning to the evening
      • Soda, bottled water, etc. are available. There is a sign listing the price. You may deposit your cash in the nearby buckets. This done on the honor system
    • For more information on the meals provided, as well as the menu for the Retreat, please visit our Food and Menu page

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  • The always popular volleyball!
  • Our yearly horse shoe tournament! 
  • Swimming, canoeing, paddle-boarding, and more in Deep Lake
    • Access to the park's equipment (canoes, paddle boards, etc. This can vary year to year and is up to the discretion of the park itself)
    • Please keep in mind that there are no lifeguards present at any point. While not required, we recommend swimming with a friend or with other people, for safety reasons
  • Hike, run, and walk the extensive trail system around Millersylvania State Park
    • While there are plenty of paved areas which are wheel chair accessible, the hiking trails are not paved and may not be accessible to those guests with mobility concerns
    • Bikes are allowed
  • Some outdoor equipment is included by the Retreat
    • This can vary, but typically includes Frisbees, croquet, footballs and soccerballs, etc.
    • If you would like to bring your own equipment, please feel free! There is ample space for soccer, baseball, etc. 
    • Please be sure to keep track of any equipment you bring and that it does not get packed away with the Retreat's equipment on Sunday morning
    • Lakeshore Retreat is not responsible for the equipment brought by our guests 
  • Enjoy the campfire, which is kept lit most of the time the Retreat is open is also where nightly and morning meetings are held
  • The main lodge is unlocked 24/7 while the Retreat is open. Inside the lodge, you can find board games and activities. The lodge is a great place to hangout when it's cold outside, raining, or at night
    • The lodge is where meals, speaker meetings, and other planned activities take place and may not be available for guest use at during those times
  • Millersylvania State Park is within driving distance to various stores, including the Centralia Outlets and more, as well as several restaurants, gas stations, etc. 
  • Meet new people and make new friends!

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Questions? Please email us at info@lakeshoretreat.org